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October 31st, 2008

The Pull Of Applications

Everybody is abuzz about the launch of the application section in LinkedIn and the web whizes are predicting a popularity on the scales of Facebook for the business networking website. Chris Brogan is just one of the many going ga ga over LinkedIn's revamp.


So what exactly are applications and how do they enhance the web experience. LinkedIn


When applications were developed and introduced in social networkign communities like Facebook and MySpace, they created quite a stir on user profiles. Users could use a widget-y application to make their social interactions more fun. Web development in Dubai, like elsewhere in the world recognized the branding potential in such applications.


This made applications a veritable force in the Web 2.0 hemisphere. Brand-retentive, interactive, user-friendly and fun- that's what made applications on social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Orkut popular. LinkedIn simply broadened their horizons by adapting such a model.


E-consultancy holds applications to be an important part of the website design plan. Like landing pages, applications need to be optimized, tweaked and personalized to hold the user's attention for a longer time. This however, does not mean that the user should spend unnecessary time deciphering the purpose of an application.


Our Dubai web designing company can effectively accomplish this part of the professional website design process. Drop in at Cosmos Creatives Dubai to let us know how we can better your website design.


Image credit: Mario Sundar


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