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Crossing Genres

On the Internet, a business identity can market itself just about anyway it wants to. Smart online marketing fundamentals require and often demand an inter-mingling of various genres of art styles and their presentation.

Thus, one can come across a travel and adventure media stalwart like Discovery Channel making use of a Rich Internet Application which can allow site visitors to witness climate change and polar melting in real time. The Discovery Channel has been making use of similar online marketing methods (interactive games, quizzes) for a long time now to dispense information very effectively.

MTV Online’s Indian segment calls out to budding graphic designers to create their version of the MTV logo and get it featured on the channel. At the main MTV website you can glimpse sober overtones with the Think MTV community which is aiming to be a sounding board for more socially and environmentally conscious youth.

Another major brand which has ventured into a different genre online is Disney, the children’s entertainment bigwig. It roped in the talents of couture designer Kirstie Kelly to create bridal wear masterpieces based on the very popular Disney Princess themes.

All it takes is an innovative online marketing expert and highly original professionals in website design to create websites that have substance as well as style. At Cosmos Creatives Dubai, we have both these elements as well as a highly qualified team of experts in web development in Dubai. Get in touch, we can mix and match better.


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