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Yes, it seemed like it was just yesterday that a new search engine to kill Google was revealed to the online community. Unfortunately (for such useless attempts), the people at Google are rather thick-skinned when it comes to murder attempts at the search giant.

The search giant went one-up on its suspected mass murderers and unleashed Google Chrome, an open source web browser which ironically, roared the official battle cry to Microsoft’s IE. chrome logo, minimal styles

News of Google’s renewed contract with Mozilla Firefox further acted as the sealant on the war against Microsoft.

We checked out Chrome. Once we got past the shock and surprise of the end user license agreement, our web design company in Dubai found it rather neat to work on. Of course, it will take a while for the open source browser to capture the market currently dazzled by Firefox offerings, but knowing that this is Google we are talking about it should not be much of a problem.

Suffice to say, from a Dubai website design professional’s point of view, Google Chrome is a beauty. From its clutter-free interface to the speed and accessibility it lends to the web experience, Chrome just might start a new trend- marrying functionality with appeal.

For an exceptional Dubai web design meme for your corporate or personal site that clicks with a major section of the audience, there is a lot you can learn from Google. Minimal designs can offer more to the end-user experience than gimmicks and interactive customization.

Sometimes less is just more.

Find out how you can get this idea to work for your website design.


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