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The beta stage is one of the transitory stages any application or software undergoes during its production and development process. One simple example is Gmail which has been in the beta stage for a long time now.

There are two types of reactions users generally have towards beta software, websites and web applications. One set of users are simply delighted to be the first ones to test the new version of a particular site or application. Others however, tend to be simply annoyed with beta versions.

This annoyance is largely attributed to the unpolished aspect of the beta phase. Usually, in Dubai web development circles, beta versions are released for the main purpose of getting active users to test it and report for bugs.

In the software release life cycle of any website or web application, the beta stage comes after the alpha stage (wherein new features are added).

Chris Campbell of Particle Tree is just one of the serious web users who wishes websites paid more attention to the proper development of the same. There is enough hype created during certain beta launches to instigate anticipation for a particular product or service, but if there is no attempt made to implement changes then all the hype is rendered useless.

Web development in Dubai as practiced at Cosmos Creatives Dubai pays attention to the proper steps of the software release life cycle. We create websites, develop them and launch them only after they have gone throught the right channels of testing- speedily of course!

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