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Smart Microsites

Microsites usually bloom around holiday time or around an occasion or celebration. Remember the ElfYourself campaign by OfficeMax that elfed-out everybody in America couple of years back? These handy web pockets can perform any function from carrying out a political campaign to assisting a corporate launch. microsites

Distinguished by less pages (anything from 1-10), a microsite is perfect if you are thinking of getting some excellent value for money branding via
web design in Dubai. Many business websites also launch microsites that actually do not sell or feature their product or service, but provide information that is related to their products.

Branding is the primary function of a microsite and due to this, it’s very nature may be completely different from the actual business website. A
professional website design company can transform a company from something humdrum to a savvy online entity with a well designed microsite.

A microsite can keep changing its look and message based on the marketing need, but usually they are short-lived and custom-made for maximum impact in a minimum period of time and space.
Dubai website designing professionals at times incorporate display marketing techniques into their agenda due to their exhibitive and informative nature.

Their viral aspect is the most exciting part about a microsite though. If the site is good enough, it will keep being referenced and travel across the web purely by word-of-mouth.

Want a microsite for your business as well?
Cosmos Creatives Dubai can help you out.

‘Spore’, a computer game based on evolution, has bagged critic awards even before its launch and is one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2008. The hullabaloo is partly due to its creator being the mastermind behind the famous SimCity computer game which took the gaming world by storm in the late 80’s and went on to become the bestselling computer game ever.

Graphic design in Dubai professionals and Flash animation designers work on similar lines more often than not. As in computer games where an element of personalization is inserted into the gaming model, in Flash animation develops games in which a similar thread of design is incorporated.computer games, web designing

But where computer games are often complex and involve extensive plots, intriguing strategies and a lot of role-play, Flash animation games are shorter and usually seek to create an impact with a witty storyline. These are the ones made use of by the marketing community for online marketing.

There is a growing influence of the social aspect seen in a lot of computer games that have emerged recently though. This trend is especially noticed in online games like Second Life and even instant messaging systems like IMVU which blend Flash animations, dynamic environments and at times a social networking element that is highly customizable.

Contact Cosmos Creatives Dubai for refreshing marketing ideas that make use of unique web design in Dubai.

Catchy Online Promotional Materials

Networking in the real world and networking in the virtual world are both very necessary for image maintenance in business. In the real world, attending a corporate dinner can provide a chance for establishing business alliances as much as would a cocktail party at the Club.

Online, the instances to mingle among business partners are abundant and if you or your online marketing team is inventive enough, the possibilities can be endless. The best thing about Internet marketing- professionals are bound to agree with this, is its cost-effective nature.

All you need is a driven team who can figure out an apple with a pattern on it from an apple that does not seem to have one. Online marketing is a collective effort no doubt, as a lot of planning and experimentation is involved before implementing any strategic decisions.

A few effective website promotion materials are website brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards and posters. Based on data like the budgets that are chalked out, the target market, predicted future sales and website demographics these materials can be either e-mailed either as part of e-mail marketing campaigns or they can accompany small Flash animation videos that can be put up on the website.

Website promotion materials can also find a place among interactive features like virtual tours, Flash animation designed games and a lot more. We can help you reach out to your consumers using similar strategically developed methods and more at the web design company in Dubai.

Animated Worlds And Visions

Ages ago optical illusions held tremendous fascination for the ancient Greeks. Centuries down the line, they yet hold the human mind in a strong grip inspiring many architectural masterpieces and works of art.

The animations used to make cartoons and films are the manifestation of the optical illusion of motion caused due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision. Modern animated images were initially executed using writing and drawing tools and paper. But this changed with the growing influence of the computer and advanced drawing technology.

Computer animation received form with the introduction of the revolutionary Flash software developed by three men with the vision of making it easier to draw using a computer than pen and paper.
Web animation did not take much time catching up with the creative communities for web design in Dubai and elsewhere.

A figure crossing two million
professionals in website design currently make use of Flash and the scope for the implementation of this software is staggering. From mini films and cartoons to advertisements, feature films and interactive web content, the uses for Flash animations are still being discovered.

Tap into this well of innovation and adapt
Flash animations for your website to give your business a whole new look. The web development in Dubai and graphic design in Dubai experts, Cosmos Creatives Dubai intermingle and implement ideas to make sure that search engines do not lose sight of your website even if there are Flash animations, Flash templates and Flash banners used.

The world is getting smaller and if you own a travel and tourism website, you can facilitate a smooth ride from point A to B. But the main problem that stands in the way of many tourist websites is, more often than not, a poorly presented website.

Small tweaks and touches that matter can be added though with the help of just a few tricks from a resourceful online marketing professional and an inventive website design company in Dubai expert. airplane, travel and tourism

It’s your business and your website, so the first step to a good travel website is to get your hired web design company de-clutter your website. Categorize the site and keep the home page free of an excess of special offers, hotspots, hotel and transport pictures, etc.

A lot of travel and tourism websites have home pages that are just short of giving a visitor a headache thanks to tickers that announce airline flights and slide-shows of old must-see landmarks. Ascertain which section of the travel market you are targeting and accordingly convey your plans to the website design company.

For instance, if you are targeting safari enthusiasts, you could work out an outdoorsy look with the help of your professional website design expert. If you are targeting luxury vacation travelers, you could try to out a minimal and ornamental charm. But whatever you do, steer clear from overwhelming your audience.

The audience wants information and they want it delivered with minimum fuss and maximum panache. Get in touch with Dubai web development for custom and personalized website designs. We can help you optimize your travel and tourism portal.


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Selecting A Good Web Host

Server space and unhindered internet connectivity on servers are generally two main services provided by a web hosting company. They are also known to provide data-center space and internet connectivity for servers they do not own in their data center.

Web hosting companies exist in multitude on the web and most of them are rather expensive. Some are large scale while most are less recognized. The best way to select a good provider is by checking reviews by users of such services in open forums and web hosting directories.

There are different services provided by different web hosts. For example, a shared web hosting service places a web site on the same server as other sites, while a co-location web hosting service provides the physical space for the server while managing it as well. The latter usually tends to be more expensive then the former. Scan each web host company carefully before settling in on one.

A site owner also has to check if the web host is providing related services like virtual private networks [VPNs], back ups, e-mail management, security, VOIP, domain registration, blog hosting, shopping cart features and video hosting.

Cosmos Creatives Dubai makes use of technologically sophisticated servers providing some the best features mentioned above besides others more. Our web hosting and web development in Dubai services work in tandem with our search engine optimization efforts.

Flash Vs. HTML

While the popularity of Flash is well established in the Dubai web site design community, its functionality in the online marketing community is heavily argued. This argument has made a lot of web development in Dubai professionals ponder upon its use.


The highlight of Flash is a dynamic interface, one that is constantly changing and at times interacting with the user. A lot of websites who take the Web 2.0 meme really seriously go for complete user interaction with the help of Flash templates and Flash animations.


Critics of Flash state that Flash animations and splash screens deflect the visitors to a website from the content that they are looking for. It is also true that browsing the Internet for websites that incorporate Flash as opposed to regular HTML or CSS is rather useless as the keywords, anchor text and other searchable features are rendered useless when included in Flash content.


When web development in Dubai professionals develop a website for the purpose of online marketing, they encode a website using either HTML or CSS which are decidedly search engine friendly. Another drawback of using Flash animations instead of HTML or CSS for website design in Dubai is its inability to load on handheld devices like PDA’s, smartphones and car displays.

From an internet marketing professional’s point of view, a small section but one that is a significant revenue drawer is completely eliminated due to the use of Flash animations. The best way to ensure ranking in search engines is to marry Flash animations with HTML or CSS making the website appealing as well as search engine friendly.


You can get in touch with the web development in Dubai professionals at the Dubai website designing company for ways on how this can be done. You wouldn’t want to lose out on a good deal now, would you?


Image credit: tarotastic

Stay Away From Being An MFA Site

Plagiarism has maintained a consistently malign presence in not only traditional media but electronic as well. Optimized intellectual freedom while being the one of the driving factors of the Internet’s popularity came attached with an exasperating problem known as web scraping. Till date many Dubai web development professionals, like developers and businesses elsewhere grapple with this problem.MFA Site, cactus, web ethics


Scraper sites are usually the torchbearers of plagiarism. Cut-copy-paste is the name of the game for them with content lifted directly at times from similar sites. One explanation for scraper sites employing such methods is because it is convenient for them to rank high in search engine results making for convenient SEO.


There is technology available that spews out keywords in multitude and variety. Incorporating them into these sites is child’s play for such abusers of the system. How much ever I would prefer to say otherwise, there are businesses and web marketing firms that hire questionable writers to web scrape for an amount as less $1 for 500 words.


Advertising programs like Google AdSense have further increased the proliferation of scraper sites, so much that a separate term- MFA or Made For AdSense- has been coined to describe them.


A surfer visiting a website can click on an advertisement and by doing so enable the site owner to make a profit from Google as the latter is offering the business a platform to feature the advertisement. MFA sites have exploited this system by existing for the sole purpose of getting people to click on the adverts the sites display.


At Cosmos Creatives Dubai, web content writers develop and create content that is original. We stay true to the ideals of online marketing. With our efforts, your site is a far-cry from an MFA site.

Simplifying AJAX

Let’s get the basics out of the way first. AJAX or Ajax is essentially the acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. The Dubai web development techniques that constitute Ajax (DOM, CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, etc.) are primarily used for generating web applications that encourage interaction. Ajax finds its best example in the Google Maps application.


Professionals in web development in Dubai have come to realize the merit of using Ajax  in generating websites as it is very efficient and lends a dimension of greater functionality and speed. Each time a user modifies or performs an action, the web page remains unaffected. This is achieved with the inclusion of the XMLHttpRequest object.


One of the main advantages of Ajax that Dubai web development and professional website design experts enjoy, is its ability to save up on bandwidth usage and reduce server load by a considerable level. Ajax developed pages exchange small amounts of data with the server, making this possible.


Where search engine optimization in Dubai is concerned, the use of Ajax techniques in a website has to be done carefully as search engines are not that partial to websites that have dynamic content.


To know how you can overcome this hurdle you can get in touch with the SEO’s and web developers at Cosmos Creatives Dubai. We have the solution to all your website design and Dubai web development needs.

Optimizing The Pictures On Your Website

An important aspect of a web page’s content is the image and graphics that are interspersed with the text. Anchor text and visible hyperlinks usually point out a website visitor to other pages on the same website or on other websites.

Optimizing the images on a web page for effective search engine optimization in Dubai does have certain benefits. For instance, a good web design company usually utilizes the same image in multiple areas to save up on image loading time and allowing the website to open up quicker. A site visitor is not left waiting for the graphics to load up on the page.

GIF generated graphics and JPEG saved photographs are best for image optimization. Using image optimization tools also help a professional in web development in Dubai and website design experts utilize images better on websites.

When coded with JavaScript, such graphics and photographs can load in the background while the web page is being loaded. Another trick Dubai web development experts use is implementing using smaller versions of the image or thumbnails. These thumbnails are linked to the actual size of the image or photograph.

Using thumbnails fill the need to use an image without taxing the server or the site user. It doesn’t hurt to tag pictures with generic sounding titles and keywords either as it helps search engines pick these pictures faster in an image search.

At Cosmos Creatives Dubai, we have some of the best Dubai web design experts and web developers working on websites to make them search engine friendly and user friendly.


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